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I'm Bruno, a Dublin based freelancer Musician, Composer, Producer and Music Engineer who has been helping artists and companies to transform ideas into finished music products since 2011.
I truly believe that the technical aspect is vital to achieve great results in the music production process, but what really matters in the end is what you feel when you hit the play button. Art always comes first! My goal is to work with you to represent YOUR vision of YOUR Music. 
Over the years I've had the opportunity to get involved in many different areas of the music industry such as music and soundtrack production, sonic branding development, music direction of live performances, game sound design, live and studio recording, audio editing, mixing, mastering and live sound mixing. All these experiences have given me great flexibility and allow me to choose the most suitable approach as well as the best tools and techniques to develop your work.

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Making Music
Microphone Sound Editing


The final quality control in the production process. Get professional feedback and have your track or album prepared for release. At this stage, the last tweaks in terms of EQ, compression, loudness and general enhancements are added to your mix ensuring that it sounds great and translates well into different systems.


The art of combining sounds. Regardless of genre or application, mixing is always an extremely important step to achieve the best result in a production. In this step, art and technique work together for the sake of emotion to enhance details and dynamics ensuring that your message is clearly communicated to your audience.


An important editing step in modern music. This is not about fixing a bad performance, but about polishing the vocal tracks of a production to get them ready for mixing. Pitching, tempo, sync and vibrato are reviewed and adjusted to achieve the result required by the production approach.

Mixer Keys


From podcasts to instrumental music, editing is a vital step in modern audio production. Noise removal, time and grid sync, phase alignment and fades are just some of the processes needed to get your tracks ready to be mixed. The production goal will define the editing approach (more natural or more precise).


​Sonic branding development, foley, sound design, dialogue recording and mixing for films, games, apps and other media. Creativity and technique must always be together to meet the project requirements and tell a story. Create unique and powerful atmospheres tailored to your purposes and media.


From pre-production to mastering, your ideas will be worked on to achieve the results you want. If you are an artist who needs music production for your next single or album, a film director or a game studio looking for original soundtracks for your next release or a company in need of a jingle production, get in touch!







Fruits'n Tails


Composer, Producer, Engineer and

Sound Designer

Indie Prize Showcase - 2015

Global Finalist

Brazil Digital Award (BRIO) - 2013

Winner, Mobile Apps

SlideDB - 2013

Global Finalist/Top 50


Producer, Music Director, Recording and Mixing Engineer

Santos Youth Festival - 2015

Winner, Song "Senhor de Mim"

by Autêntica

(Regional band contest in

Santos, São Paulo, Brazil)


Producer and Mixing Engineer

Santos Short Film Festival - 2020

Winner, Music video for the song 

"Enquanto Eu Não Me Entender"

by Autêntica

(National short film festival/competition in Santos, São Paulo, Brazil)


"Bruno has a keen ear, he loves equipments and he knows them all.

He's an arranger, guitarist and he does something that is very important in a production: lyrics analysis.

Every detail matters to him."

Nelson Ferrone
CEO, Berger Mobile

"Dedication, commitment and cooperative attitude when working towards the client's goals.

Excellent service pre, during and post production."

Renan Brito
Owner & Producer, Erean Sound Studio

"Communication (pre, during and post production), attention to detail and quality in the material delivered."

Heraldo Nunes
Owner & Producer, Ponto diFusao Studio




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